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  • Monday, June 13, 2011

    Story of Prophet Noah Alayhis Salaam (Part II)

    Story of Prophet Noah Alayhis Salaam (Part II)

    Prophet Noah Alayhis Salaam was despair with His people
    Prophet Noah Alayhis Salaam was in the midst of his people for nine hundred and fifty years. He delivered the message of God, invites them to leave idolatry and return to worship and pray to Allah the Almighty to lead them out of a false path and dark to the right path and the light, teach them about the laws of Shari'a and the religion revealed by God to him, lift the human dignity of the oppressed and the weak to the level appropriate to the nature (qudrat) and try to eliminate the arrogant nature inherent in the hearts of the princes of his people and educate them to Compassionate, mutual help between fellow human beings.

    But in a long time, the Prophet Noah was not successful to sensitize and encourage his people to follow and accept his message, except for a small group of folk who do not reach a hundred people, although he has done all his efforts and hard-power energy with patience, difficulties and, taunts and insults faced, because he expects will come a time when his people will realize and recognize the truth and the truth of his message. Noah's Hope turned out increasingly reduced and that the rays of faith and piety will not penetrate into the hearts of those who have been sealed by the teachings and promptings of the devil.

    Then he pleaded to God to give punishment to his people while exclaiming: " O Allah! Do not you let one of the infidels was alive and living on this earth. They will try to mislead Thy slaves, if you let them live and they will not give birth but children sinner and children who disbelieve "

    Noah's Prayer fulfilled by God and he no longer questioning his people, for they shall receive the punishment of God, namely dead drowned.

    To be Continued.!

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