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  • Monday, June 13, 2011

    Story of Prophet Noah Alayhis Salaam (Part III)

    Story of Prophet Noah Alayhis Salaam (Part III)

    Prophet Noah Made a Ship
    After receiving God's command to make a ship, immediately Noah began to gather his followers and they began collecting the materials necessary for that purpose, then to take place outside, rather far from the city and its crowds. they diligently and persistently worked day and night completing the building of the ship commanded. Although Noah had been away from the city and its people in order to work in peace without disturbance to finish building his ship, but he still heard the taunts and insults from his people who by chance or deliberately passed the place where he built the ship.

    They mock and ridicule by saying: " O Noah! Since when you have become a carpenter and shipbuilder? Are not you a prophet and apostle according to your confession, why now become a carpenter and shipbuilder? And the ship that you make is in a place far away from water. Do you mean the ship will be pulled by buffalo or do you expect the wind will pull your ship into the sea?” And all the ridicule that is received by the Prophet Noah was answered coldly and smiled as he replied: "Let 's wait time comes, if you now mock and make fun of us, it will come the time for us to mock you, and ye shall know to what we have prepared it. Wait time for the punishment of Allah befall upon you".

    After finishing shipbuilding which is the first marine transportation equipment in the world, Noah received a revelation from God: " Ready - prepared you are with your boat, when my orders come, and if you see the signs from me, then immediately transport in your boat with you and your kin, and bring two pairs of each type of creature on earth and sail with my permission" Then the rushing water falling from the sky and out of the earth. and in a trice has occurred a great flood swept through towns and villages, flooding the low land and high to reach the top of the hills, so there is no shelter from the heavy flood except Noah's boat that had been filled with believers and couples being rescued by Noah at God's command.

    When Noah is above the deck of a ship, see the weather and see the unbelievers of his people were lying on the surface of the water, suddenly He saw his eldest son's body called "Kan'aan", arise drowned being played by the waves, which are not merciful to people who are receiving the punishment of God. At that moment, without realizing it, there arose a feeling of love and affection of a father to his biological son who are in a state of anxious face of death swallowed up the waves.

    Noah spontaneously, encouraged by the small inner voice shouting with all his voice calling his son: “O my son! Come over here and join with your family. Please forgiveness to God and believe in Him, for thou safe and avoid the danger of death” Kan'aan, son of Prophet Noah, who got lost and had been exposed to seduction of devil and incitement of his people who were arrogant and stubborn, refusing the his father invitation with words that resist: "Let me and go, stay away from me, I'm not willing to take refuge on top of your boat deck I will be able to save myself with a shelter on the hill that will not be reached by this flood"

    Prophet Noah said: " Believe that the only thing that can save you is to join us on this ship. there is nobody who can escape from the punishment of God that has been inflicted upon you except those who acquire His grace and forgiveness" After Noah's utter the words, Kan'aan struck by a wave of vicious and he fled away from the eye of his father, sank under the ocean water to follow his friends and the rebellious dignitaries.

    Noah grieved and mourned the death of his son in a state of non-believers. He was complaining and cry to God : "My Lord, my son is my flesh and blood and is a portion of the family and Thy promise is indeed true, and Thou art powerful. Allah said unto him:" O Noah! Surely he's not your son, he is not including your family, because he has deviated from invitation, violating orders, refusing your da’wah, and follow in the footsteps of people who disbelieve”

    Prophet Noah realized his mistake after receiving a warning from God that love affection to his son has made ​​him forget God's promises and threats against infidels, including his own son. then the prophet Noah cried out : " O my Lord I seek refuge in You from the accursed devil temptation, forgive my negligence and mistakes so I ask you something I do not know. so I ask you something I do not know. My Lord if you do not give mercy and grace for me, I would have become the losers"

    After the floodwaters peaked, and the pagan folk of Noah perished in accordance with the will and law of God, then the flood was receding absorbed by the earth, Then Prophet Noah’s ship stopped on the hill "Judie". Then God commanded Noah "Come down to the ground, O Noah, you and the believers with you safely”.

    Lessons From the Story of Noah Alayhis Salaam
    That the relationship between humans that exists because of equation of trust, or naming aqeedah and the establishment is tighter and more memorable than the relationship because of ties of blood or birth. Kan'aan that although he is the biological child of Noah excluded from the numbers by God Almighty, because he adheres to belief and religion are different from what was adopted and taught by his own father, even he was in hostile and opposing parties.

    So in this sense can be understood the word of God in the Quran which meant: "Truly the believers are brothers" Similarly hadith Rasulullah SAW means "It is not perfect one's faith unless he loves for his brother who believed as he loves himself". Also proverb which says: " Sometimes you acquire a brother who was not born by your mother".

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