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  • Friday, September 7, 2012

    The Value of Human depends on His Heart

    The Value of Human depends on His Heart

    In this post I will write about the value of a human is depends on his heart. As Prophet Muhammad. said: "Allah does not look at your body or at your shape. Allah only sees your heart and your deeds." (Narrated by Muslim)

    In every human action there must be a motivation or intention that prompted him to do so. The things that motivate human actions are of two kinds, namely because of Allah and because of other than Allah. And often we do good because besides Allah, such as:
    • Giving something to someone else so they can become familiar with the person;
    • Being disciplined and working as well as possible, in order to receive special attention from the boss.
    • Giving gifts to officials in order to get the project, or to be appointed as his assistant.

    All the actions that we do that is not because of Allah, later on the Day of Resurrection will be cast into hell. As the words of the Prophet, narrated by Imam Bayhaqi ; "On the Day of Resurrection someday, Allah will separate the mundane issues that are really directed to Him. While directed to other than Allah will be cast into hell". Only goodness we do simply because Allah SWT to be reckoned reward. Because of that we should :
    • If we give something to someone else, we should intend to seek blessings from Allah, because Allah commands us to give alms.
    • If we are disciplined and work as well as possible, we intend to seek Allah's blessing, because Islam commands its followers to appreciate the time and work in a professional manner.
    What for do we give gifts to officials who are rich. if we really intend to seek Allah's blessing, it would be better if the gifts we give to people who really need it. For example, the poor, orphans, widows, and elderly people who are not taken care of properly.

    Thanks for reading article The Value of Human is depends on the heart.

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