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  • Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Characteristics of a Salihah Woman (Pious Woman)

    Characteristics of a Salihah Woman (Pious Woman)

    From 'Abdullah ibn 'Amr ibn 'Ash, that the Prophet SAW said : "The world is jewelry and the best jewelry is a woman who is sholehah" (Narrated by Muslim).

    A man who is wise and clever certainly craves a wife candidate, a woman who he believes can make him happy. He's not going to plunge himself into the trap of a woman who can make a weary life, bone-dry of compassion, and filled with issues and problems that make them feel unhappy.

    Instead, he will try to get a cool woman seen by the eyes, gently stroked, accompanying him with great affection and love, dampening the anger and turmoil that brought from outside the home, and able to educate their children to be obedient and pleasant child. That is sholehah woman, the craving and desire of each man.

    Main characteristics of Salihah Wife
    Then, what are the main features of a wife who salihah? Prophet Muhammad PBUH explained as follows : "Would you, if I tell you about the best property owned by someone? Namely shalehah woman, a fun if viewed, who obeys him if asked to, who can keep herself if left to go" (Narrated by Abu Dawud and Al-Hakim from Umar)

    In another hadith, Abu Hurayrah reported that the Messenger of Allah asked "how is the best woman?" He replied: "If she is seen by the eyes always fun, if she ruled always obedient, and not at odds, against the case that he hated when happening to her (wife) or his property (husband)".

    From the above hadith, it is mentioned at least 3 characteristics of a salihah woman (salihah wife), such as :

    1. Enjoyable if viewed.
    Not necessarily beautiful for a woman to please those who see her. If her soul is filled with sincerity, trust and believe that God will take care of as long as she obey, her heart is full of good presumptions (husnudzon), then her inner will emit signals of affection touches the hearts of people who look at her without causing any bad intentions. That is Qurratu 'Ain, the term from Al-Qur'an for the wives and children who are pious, who become the conditioning to the husband's or father's eyes. Again, not a physical beauty that is fun to look at, but inner beauty.

    2. Obey if she is ordered to
    A wise man does not treat his wife like a maid or servant. So it is the wrong attitude and assumption of the "husbands association" who in the name of religion, wants the obedience from a wife, like a subordinate obedience to the superiors, or labor to the employer. Obedience meant is obedience that is proportional for a wife and a respectable housewife. A husband who asks his wife to make her hand-made, so it is fair and must be obeyed. But if the husband asks his wife to mop and clean the house although they have or able to pay the maid, the demanded obedience is the obedience which is excessive.

    3. Keeping the trust of the household when left to go
    The Trust (Amanah) that must be kept by a woman for her husband is none other than the honor of herself, her husband's estate, and her children. Sometimes this becomes something heavy for a woman.Occasionally, due to a task, a husband must go out of town or abroad for some time. This is where the temptation is hard for a woman. If she is able to maintain the trust, then this is the profile of women of Paradise.

    And thou, O Muslim women, be a wife who salihah for your husband. Be a loving mother to your children, and be a dutiful son to your parents. And you will live in the world respectable, and become an idol in the Hereafter.

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