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  • Monday, June 13, 2011

    Story of Prophet Noah Alayhis Salaam (Part I)

    Story of Prophet Noah Alayhis Salaam (Part I)

    Noah was the fourth prophet after Adam, Syith and Idris. He was The Prophet Adam's ninth descendant. His father was Lamik Metusyalih bin Idris.

    Noah Preaches to his people (Da'wah)
    Noah received a revelation from God in the prophetic era "Fatrah" the distance between the two apostles in which humans usually gradually forget religion brought by the Previous Prophet who left them and returned to be shirk and leave good deeds, do bad deeds and disobedience under the leadership of Satan.

    And when Noah came in the midst of them, they were worshiping idols. Idols are statues made by their own hands, then they worship them as gods who can bring good and the benefits and reject all misery and misfortune. They believed that the idols which they made as a god has the strength and supernatural powers. They gave the names to the idols in turns according to the will and taste of their ignorance. Sometimes they give names to their idols "Wadd" and "Suwa" sometimes "Yaguts" and when They were bored with that name, then they changed the name of the statues with "Yatuq" and "Nasr".

    Noah preached to his people who had far astray by the devil, the Prophet Noah asked them to leave the polytheism and idolatry and back to Tawheed (worship of God only), to implement the teachings of the religion revealed to him and leave bad deeds and disobedience taught by Devil and Satan.

    Noah attract the attention of his people to see the universe created by God, such as: sky, sun, moon and stars that adorn, the earth with riches that exist above and below it, the plants and flowing water that gives enjoyment of life for humans, replacement of night into day and vice versa. It became evident that there is a God to be worshiped. And not the idols which they made with their own hands. In addition, Noah also preached to them that there would be a reply to be received by humans over all deeds in the world, it is heaven for the practice of virtue and hell for all violations of religious orders, which form bad deed and disobedience.

    Noah is given the prophetic nature of God, eloquent and firm in her words, wise and patient in its practices, carrying out God’s message to his nation with great patience and wisdom, knocked on the conscience of his people by way of the meek and sometimes with sharp words and harsh tone when dealing with dignitaries of his people who were stubborn and reluctant to accept the evidence presented to them.

    But even though Noah has tried maximum to preach to his people with all the wisdom, skill and patience and in every occasion, day or night, by whispering or openly and publicly, it was only a few of his kind who can accept his message and follow the invitation, which according to some sources, not exceeding one hundred people. They also consist of people who are poor and low social strata. While the wealthy people, the honorable and dignitary people, dignitaries and authorities remain defiant, They didn’t trust in prophet Noah and didn’t want to abandon their religion and their belief in their idols, they even tried to conduct conspiracy to cripple and to make the mission of Prophet Noah failed.

    They said to Noah: " Are not you just a no different than us and with us as human beings. If the true God will send a messenger who brings His command, surely He will send an angel that we should listen to his words and follow the invitation and not the ordinary people like you that can only be followed by people who are socially stratified low as workers, farmers, people who do not earn. They are like garbage. Your Followers are people who do not have the thought and intelligence, they follow you in blind and deaf, without thinking and considering whether your invitation is true or not. If you bring religion and the teachings that you convey to us is true, surely we who follow you in advance and not the people who beg. we as community leaders who are good at thinking, has intelligence and a broad view and is respected by the community as leaders, it is not easy for us to accept your invitation and your da'wah. You do not have excess than us about the social problems. we are much smarter and more aware than you about it. Our presumption against you, that you are mere liars".

    Prophet Noah answered his people taunt, "Are you thinking that I can force you to follow my teaching or to think that I have the power to make you people who believe if you still refuse my invitation and remain blind-deaf to the clear proofs of my da'wah and still keep the error inspired by pride and arrogance of your positions and property you have. I'm just a man who got the mandate and given the task by God to convey His message to you. If you remain obstinate and do not want to go back to the right path and accept the religion of Allah. It is Allah who will decide his sentence towards you. I'm just His slaves and messengers who were ordered to convey his message to His servants. He is the ruling gives guidance to you and forgive you your sins or reduce his punishment and torture upon you all. He is also a ruling giving his torment in the world or postpone it until the Day of Judgement. He is Allah, The creator of this universe, Almighty, All-Knowing, compassionate and most merciful".

    They provide the terms to the prophet Noah, by saying: "O Noah! If you want us to follow you and give support and encouragement to you and to the religion that you bring, then put away your followers consisting of those farmers, laborers and servant. Expel them from your life because we can not get along with them sitting side by side with them following their ways and join them in a religion and belief. And how can we accept one religion which generalize the nobles with ordinary people, rulers and magnifying with their workers and the rich man with the poor "

    Noah rejected the requirements given by his people and said: " Treatise and religion that I carry are for all people without exception, that clever or stupid, rich or poor, employer or union, the nobles or ordinary people, all of them have a position and the same place to religion and the law of God.

    If I accept your terms and get rid of the loyal retainers, then who can I expect to continue my da’wah and how I have the heart to alienate those who already believe from me, they receive my invitation with confidence and sincerity in the moment you reject it, people who have helped me in my job at times you hinder my efforts and impede my da’wah. And how I can account for the eviction action to Allah. Verily ye are the people who are not stupid and wicked”

    Finally, because they feel no longer able to deny the truth of the words of the Prophet Noah and feel out of reasons to continue the dialogue with him, then they say: "O Noah! We have a lot of debate, dialogue and listening to your boring invitation. We still will not follow you and will not abandon the belief and customs of us so there is no use for you to repeat your invitation. bring doom that you promised if you truly are people who keep their promises and words. We want to see the truth of your words and threat. Because we still do not trust you and remain dubious your da’wah"

    To be Continued..!

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