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  • Thursday, August 25, 2011

    The Amount of Zakat Al-Fitr and The Time to Give It

    The Amount of Zakat Al-Fitr and The Time to Give It

    From Ibn Abbas that the Prophet Muhammad obliges zakat al-fitr as a cleaner for people who are fasting from words that are useless and dirty, and as food for poor people. Whoever gives zakat before prayer Eid, it becomes the zakat received and whoever gives it after prayer Eid, it becomes the ordinary charity. (Reported by Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah).

    Ibn `Umar Rodiallahu Anhu said : "The Messenger of Allah requires zakat al-fitr as much as a sha' of dates or wheat on the slave, free man, men women, children and adults of the Islamic Ummah and ordered to pay it before they come out for prayers Eid al-fitr". (Mutafaq alaih).

    Still hadith narrated by Ibn Umar.: "The Messenger of Allah. Ordered that the zakat is given before humans set off for Eid prayers." (Saheeh Muslim, No.1645)

    Abu Said Al-Khudry Rodiallahu Anhu said: "At the time of the Prophet we always issue zakat of a sha' of food, or a sha ' of dates, or one sha' of sya'ir, or a sha' of dry wine". (Muttafaq Alaihi)

    In a report of another: Or one sha' of dry milk. Abu Sa'id said: As still issued a zakat al-fitr as I spend on the time of the Prophet Muhammad in the history of Abu Dawud: I do not spend forever unless one sha".

    Zakat Fitrah must be given before Salaah Eid Eg; 1 or 2 days before Salaah Eid. If the Zakat is given after Salaah Eid, then it falls as a charity.

    The amount of zakat according to the present size is 2.5 kg or 3.5 liters. While the food that must be issued that mentioned by hadith texts of flour, wheat, dates, wheat, zahib (wine) and aqith (a kind of cheese). For regional or country which the staple food other than 5 above, Maliki and Shafi'i Madzhab allow paying zakat with other staple foods.

    Payment Time of zakat according to jumhur 'ulama :
    Time required to pay the zakat al-fitr is marked by the sinking of the sun at the end of Ramadan, It is allowed for the advance payment of zakat at the earliest.

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