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  • Friday, February 25, 2011

    The Rights of Muslims to Other Muslims

    The Rights of Muslims to Other Muslims

    The believers (Mu'min) are brothers. They are people who united like a building. They love each other to keep the building. Allah has established the rights of Muslim against other Muslim; namely loving him, helping resolve the difficulty, keeping his honor, keeping him in the truth, respecting his neighbors, and respecting for his guests.

    And among such rights is a reply to a greeting (Salaam), visiting the sick, fulfilling the invitation, praying when sneezing, accompanying his remains. As prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said that The rights of Muslims to other Muslims are 5 namely :
    • Replying greetings (Salaam)
    • Praying them when sneezing
    • Fulfilling invitations
    • Visiting when they are sick.
    • Accompanying their remains. (Hadith Muslim)

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