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  • Saturday, January 15, 2011

    The Day of Reckoning and The Day of Judgement

    The Day of Reckoning and The Day of Judgement

    Keep your duty to Allah Almighty and do good to get goodness in the day when the secrets revealed, so all the secrets contained in the heart of those who do the sin will be seen. on the day of reckoning, all sins are calculated and shown, there is small sin and there is big sin.

    On the same day the flag will be unfurled as humiliation to people who run away from their obligations. On The Day of Judgement, each charity will be weighed with justice, then each act will get a reply consequences of his deeds during life on earth. Bad people will receive a book of his deeds with his left hand. while those who cling to the apostles with full faith will be happy and accept his credit record with his right hand. Then, keep your duty to Allah, due to cautious to him is the most beneficial savings. Do not be like the Kufar who deny the blessing of God. who do not pay attention to where it comes from.

    At the end of this paper, then comes the question, have we prepared ourselves to face the day?

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