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  • Thursday, September 22, 2011

    The Story of Prophet Adam Alayhis Salaam (Part II)

    The Story of Prophet Adam Alayhis Salaam (Part II)

    The Devil rebelled.
    The Devil rebelled and was reluctant to obey God's command, unlike other angels, who immediately prostrate before Adam as an homage to the creatures of God who will be given the mandate to rule the earth and everything that lives and grows on it and buried in it. The Devil feels himself more noble than Adam, more mainstream and more glorious than Adam, because The Devil was created from elements of fire, while Adam was created from soil and mud. Pride in its origins to make the devil to feel proud and reluctant to bow to respect Adam as the other angels, even though God commanded it.

    The Lord said to The Devil: "What is stopping you to bow down to respect something that I created with my hands?"

    He said: "I am the more noble and superior to him. You created me from fire and you created him from the mud."

    Because of pride, arrogance and defiance are commanded to perform prostrations, then God punishes The Devil by him out of heaven and expelled him from the ranks of angels, accompanied by curses and damnation that will be attached to him until the day of resurrection.In addition, he declared the inhabitants of hell.

    The devil boasted well received God 's punishment and he just ask that given the opportunity for eternal life until the Day of Judgment. God granted his request, but the devil is not grateful and thankful for the provision of guarantees that, even otherwise he threatened to Adam's misleading, as for her expulsion from heaven and the issuance of the rows of angels, and will overtake the children of the offspring from every angle to persuade them to leave the straight and invites them to perform immoral and illegal things that other, teasing them to forget the commandments of the religion and their influence so as not to be grateful and pious charity.

    Then God said to The Devil, that cursed: "Go thou with followers who are all followers will be the contents of Hell and the fuel of hell. You will not be able to deceive my servants who have believed in me with all her heart and has a steady Aqeedah that will not be deterred by your line even if you using all cleverness to demagoguery and malign."

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