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  • Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    Between Love and Lust

    Between Love and Lust

    Reviewing the story of two young people making love is always interesting to talk about. It also seems to underlie much news either in printed or electronic media when it is discovered the videos 'unite' the two souls are engrossed in love. Yes, currently, there are many young people are drawn into the flow of free association. Courtship seemed to be a new culture for them to pour their love for their lover.

    Undeniably, there are many deep concern behind the phenomenon. With "the name of love", many young people who then forget the limits outlined by religion. Through the event, which is called courtship, there is an intensive interaction of mutual feelings of love, often meet, and so on which led to the occurrence of various physical contact. Not infrequently they get plunged into the abyss of adultery, because they can not control themselves. Finally, the relationship which is special to them initially, be a cause of grave sin and the destruction of the future for the culprit. Once again, they do it with "the name of love" before. The words of love that sanctity should be maintained, to be stained. Then, is it true love? Or is it just a lust camouflaged?

    If there is a girl who said to her lover, "I gave all mine to you as evidence of my love for you..." He considers it as a sacrifice for love. But is that the sacrifice for love? Or did it for lust? There was a young man asked his girlfriend, "If you really love me, what is the evidence?" Or in other occasions, "As a proof of love, will you kiss, hug... (and beyond)." Or in other cases, if the requester is the girl, and when the boy refused and then the boy will be sorted of as cowardice. Should it be the prove of love?

    Love and lust are two things that are inherent in man. Both are like two sides of a sword that is very contradictory, but always present together. Appetite comes with a full beauty, but can not be denied that in the end the faith always be cut off with a single blow.

    The relationship between love, lust, and sex is interesting. If the three do not have a close relationship, unlikely there will be the term "making love" the connotation is more or less describes the linkages. Then from these linkages arises many questions in our minds: Is the love begins with lust, or lust caused by love? Whether sex is a consequence of lust, or the consequences of love? Does sex need love? Is there love without lust and sex?

    Love is grace, it comes suddenly. In the drama of life often happens what is often termed ' one hand clapping ', we really love someone but he or she does not love us, or may otherwise there are people who so love us, but we do not have a sense of it. In this case, love is a mystery, it is a sacred nature the gift given by God to humanity that must be maintained and directed. Love will be a holy and glorious forever when he is possessed by a "true lovers". Much love story that became legend. The beautiful Tajmahal in the land of India created by love. Rabiah Al Adawiyah became the legendary Sufi woman because her love to the Creator.

    Islam is a religion of love, we are taught to live with mutual love, and harmony side by side. Even a Muslim's or Muslima's faith is not perfect if he or she could not love his brothers/sisters as he/she loves him/herself. Only, that love should not exceed our love to the love owner (Allah), and there are the procedures of it. In addition, we have to recognize where the love and where lust. Once we are wrapped up in a vortex of lust, it will be difficult for us to get out of there.

    So, do not say 'Love' if we can not give the meaning to it with the real meaning. Do not equate love with lust simply because we are lack of self-control. Do not blame love as a means of lust impingement. And more importantly, promiscuity will not happen if our young people can interpret in love with the truth and uphold the teachings of religion with istiqomah (consistently) until the time arrives, the marriage gates will be open.

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