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  • Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    5 Virtues of Month Ramadan

    5 Virtues of Month Ramadan

    The Followers of the prophet Muhammad is given five things that have never been given to the peoples before when Ramadan :

    The First Virtue
    The smell of the fasting person 's mouth is more fragrant than the scent of musk oil on the side of God. means the change of bad breath when the stomach is empty of food. Human hate the smell, but more fragrant than musk oil on the side of God because it is born of obedience to Him. Anything arising from the worship and obedience to God will surely be loved by him, and the culprit will be given something better instead.

    The Second Virtue
    The angels will ask forgiveness for those who perform fasting until they break. God certainly hears the prayers of the Angels for the fasting person. For they indeed have been allowed for it. God allowed the Angels to ask forgiveness for them to raise, exalt the mention, and explain the virtues of fasting for this ummah. Meaning seek forgiveness is to ask forgiveness, namely by covering and forgiving sins, both in the world and in the hereafter. This is the desire as well as the highest goal. Every son of Adam would frequently make mistakes and act beyond the limits. So they really need God's forgiveness.

    The Third Virtue
    God beautify the Heaven every day in preparation for His righteous servants, and in order to motivate them to enter it.

    The Fourth Virtue
    Syaithan dissidents, chained and shackled so that they can not mislead the righteous servants from the truth and can not prevent them from goodness. This is one form of God's help to His servants. The enemy of this ummah is tied, so that they can not bring this people to become residents of the burning Hell. Therefore, you can see that in this month, the righteous people have a higher desire to do good and refrain from evil than in other months.

    The Fifth Virtue
    God forgives the ummah of Muhammad 's at the end of every night this month. If they do what should be done in this glorious month, in the form of fasting and prayer, then God will give grace to refine their reward when they have finished doing their deeds. Those who do good deeds then the reward will be refined after working on it. God gives gifts to His servants with a reward from three sides :

    First : God requires righteous deeds to them so that their sins can be forgiven and their degree can be lifted.

    Second : They were given taufik by God, to do good deeds that have been left out by most of mankind.

    Third : God gave the gift with an abundant reward. One good deed will be rewarded with ten to seven hundred times, even much more than that. The gift of charity and the reward from Allah, praise be to Him. He is the owner, maintainer and regulator of the universe.

    My brothers, Ramadan is a great blessing for people who find it and fulfill their rights. Namely, by returning to their Lord from disobedience to obedience to Him, from neglect to remember him, and from far away from him toward repentance to Him.

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