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  • Monday, July 11, 2011

    Whispers of The Human Soul

    Whispers of The Human Soul

    Human is not an angel nor a devil. It shows the uniqueness of the position and privileges of human beings and also the caliph of God on this earth. The uniqueness is because in man collected malakiyah nature (divine spiritual) and syaithaniyah (Animal/ Physical). If the world is likened to a stage then the pull of the potential for spiritual and bodily into grooves that make the story more interesting life of this world.

    History shows a tendency lust and temptation of Satan in humans since Adam did what was forbidden by God not to approach a tree in paradise, this incident resulted in inviting the wrath of God and the expulsion of Adam and Eve into the world. Since then human obedience tested.

    Each exam takes temptations and problems. Allah has been providing support for human testing instrument that is lust. Lust is tasked to seduce men by whispering evil, ugliness, which leads to the principles of worldly pleasures and bodily and keep him away from the tendency of spiritual/ ukhrawi.

    Smooth seductive whisper it usually starts from small things and the simple so human unconsciously have fallen into error and evil gradually. And in the end it leads to indifference to the promptings of conscience, the good teaching and encourage perpetrators to realize the desire instantly.

    Whisper/ Temptation always attack through the sides of one's weakness so it is not easy to block them. People become hesitant to take a decision because the alternative is more tempting and profitable for themselves though improperly. In such situations, people have difficulty maintaining closeness with God, and did not realize God's presence in everyday life.

    Against the promptings of the passions within ourselves heavier than resist temptation from outside ourselves. And we can recognize that there is a temptation and try to cope with the help of god. Therefore, we are commanded by God to invoke the protection of the Owner, Preserver, and the human’s king (Allah) from all sorts of whispers and temptations of the soul that is hidden and plunged the people into the valley of humiliation (see surah An-Naas verses 1-4).

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