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  • Monday, February 21, 2011

    Impossible Nature of The Apostles

    Impossible Nature of The Apostles

    In addition mandatory nature of the apostles, there are also impossible nature of them. these traits are bad qualities that can not be owned by messengers, because how they would teach the people if they themselves are bad.

    There are 4 impossible nature of the apostles we should know. they are :
    • Kidzib (كذب) means "Lie/ Liar". It's impossible because if the apostles lie then mankind will be destroyed, and there would be no religion that promotes the people to worship God.
    • Khiyaanat (خيانة) means "Treasonable". It's impossible because if they are treasonable, how can they be leaders or mentors of mankind to the right path.
    • Kitmaan (كتمان) means "Conceal (not convey)". It's impossible, because if the apostles conceal (not convey), The teachings of God would not be conveyed, people would not know Right or Bad, Reward or Sin, etc.
    • Balaadah (بلادة) means "Dumb/ Stupid". It's impossible, because how can they guide people while themselves stupid.
    Those are 4 impossible nature of the apostles we should know, so we can believe in the messengers without wavering.

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